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Ambassador Benefits

Points Tracking System


-Each dollar that your referral spends with us (pre-tax/shipping) is equal to one point.  As your point total climbs you will reach tiers and be able to redeem points for product credit.  Every 500 points = $50 credit.  Once you reach 1000 points, points can be used in 250 increments ($25 credit). 

Standard Discount

-As an ambassador you will enjoy 35% off all full price sessions and products.  Sometimes we will waive a session fee if we see that you are active in your influencer role.  Other times we will only ask for the hard cost (space rental fees) for a session.  We appreciate you dedicating your time to showing off our work and would like to reward you for that time.


Dance Scholarship


-The ambassador who acquires the highest points total for the year (Jan 31st 2021-Jan 10th 2022) will receive $500 to use towards 2022 dance competition (or dance class) fees. 


-The ambassador who refers the most number of unique dancers that book with us will receive a $250 scholarship to use towards 2022 dance competition (or dance class) fees.*

* If the ambassador who has the most number of unique dancers is also the points leader, the ambassador who has the second most unique dancers will be awarded the $250 prize.


Monthly Incentive Perk


-Any ambassador that acquires 1000 points in a single month will receive a $50 gift card to their choice of local dancewear supply shop.  We hope that you have a strong connection with these small businesses as we all need support to be successful.


Dance Friend Support


-Any dancer that books a session that you refer to us may allow the ambassador to be present at their shoot.  We will create a limited number of duo images and highly support the ambassador to encourage their dance friend throughout the session. There is no charge to the ambassador for attending these sessions.

Lifetime Membership

-All ambassadors in good standing will maintain a lifetime membership and retain their discount for all future shoots and purchases.  That means 35% off all sessions and products!  (Good standing means being active in the program and responsive to our messages and promotion requests.  If there is inactivity for one month, we will reach out and ask if there is something we can assist with.  If there is two consecutive months of inactivity, we will kindly reach out and ask if you would like to vacate your spot on the influencer team to allow another dancer to join the team. We understand that life events arise and we will be considerate of all requests as long as communication is maintained).

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