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2023 Dance Ambassador Program

The Details

Applications for our 2022 Dance Ambassador Program ARE NOW OPEN.  Our fith year was a whirlwind as we had the opportunity to accept a large number of dancers AND gymnasts and we all celebrated the opening of our new photo studio.  It was a crazy time, but now that we are full time with our own space, we are able to better serve the dancers and gymnast (and others) who come to us to create.  There are some changes coming to this season for the program and we are excited to see what the fifth class will accomplish.

We are searching for active competitive dancers and gymnasts who love what they do and want to dedicate some of their time to showing off their passion.

The ideal candidate is a competitive level dancer/gymnast who is always learning and working to be better at their craft.  They must be kind to all and respectful to their peers.  A good relationship with their parents is a must as most scheduling and communication will be with the parents.  Dancers need to be available for three (3) exclusive events between December 2021 and June 2022 (April 2nd, June 25th, and a date in December of 2021 for initial session) .  Each of the ambassadors will be required to share their images at their home dance studio/gym and their dance/gymnastic community.  Ambassadors will be encouraged to be active in sharing event ideas as well as encouragement for other ambassadors online and in person. As an ambassador there is an expectation that each one will actively post 1-2 of our images per week on social media as well as advertise events. You will be the face of our work and we want dancers/gymnast who will proudly show off the images we create with them.

As an ambassador, the dancer/gymnast will receive a digital mobile app,  featuring their images to distribute to other dancers/gymnasts as samples and invite them to sign up for an action session. Each dancer/gymnast will get a promotional code that will provide a discount on all products offered by our studio.  They will also be the first to know about new products, and invited to special opportunity sessions.  At the end of the season, ambassadors in good standing will receive Alumni Status and discounts for all future purchases.  We will have a moderate fee for ambassadors this year, but we are also providing over $500 in swag (some will be personally customized for the ambassador)

Do you want to be a part of a special & talented group of local dancers/gymnasts with the goal of giving back positive and meaningful effort to the dance and gymnastics communities? Click the button below on November 15th 2021 to apply to the next class of ambassadors and when its complete tell all your friends about this amazing opportunity!


Our Next Search
is in May 2022

Ambassador Info

What if I am an ambsaador elsewhere?

We encourage all of our ambassadors to apply to their favorite brands as ambassadors.  It's one of the greatest feelings being picked to represent.  We would love to see our dancers as successful models and the opportunities that present themselves to our dancers.

Being an ambassador for another photographer could be a conflict of interest and confusing to your audience.  However, we will always support our ambassadors to have sessions with other photographers, especially if it is for dance brands and  modelling opportunities. It should be clear with the images that you are posting, who you represent as an ambassador.  If we see that you are not active in promoting our brand, we will not be shy in asking if you would like to continue as an ambassador. This season we will have some restrictions with posting other photographer's work, and will try to be as fair as possible.  But a lot of the time, our ambassadors accounts are hard to distinguish exactly who they are representing.

What if I don't have a studio to call home?

It's completely OK to not be a regular at a studio.  We would ask that you continue to build your online presences and share our work with the dance friends you make along the way.  There are so many studios in our area and so many great opportunities to make new dance friends.

Is there a cost to being an ambassador?

Yes, the "Ambassador Start-up Experience" will be a sort of orientation and way of capturing dance images to customize promotional items with our new class of ambassadors.  This experience includes an initial 3h studio session, a digital mobile app, and a bunch of ARP Dance Images customized swag.  The $250 fee for this first session will quickly be made back with the the included items and savings of the ambassador discounts throughout the year and free shooting opportunities as they are earned.  The more active you are as an ambassador, the more free stuff we will send your way. 

What if I can't make the 3 dates?

While we understand that dance can be a very active passion you are pursuing, we would like ambassadors to be just as committed to being a part of our team.  Our season runs from January to June (or July to December).  If you are unable to attend the three dates (Dec for a studio shoot, April 2nd for a team shoot, June 25th for Ambassador appreciation shoot) we ask that you note this on your application or wait to apply next season. This 2022 season will be exciting as we have more time and opportunities for the ambassadors. But we need attendance to make these opportunities a success.

I am not a Dancer, but I do Gymnastics!

We are entertaining the possibility of accepting 3 ambassadors to the program who are not solely focused on dance.  There will still be the expectation of attending the same number of events and hosting an event at your facility.  Mixing gymnastics with dance is a great way to see how they all have a common base of skills while focusing on different aspects of technique.  So if you are a gymnast please feel free to apply to the program this year!

What if I don't live in New Jersey?

One of the main requirements of the program is attendance at 3 dates during the term.  Some of our best ambassadors are located in Pennsylvania/ Delaware/ Connecticut and make the commitment to drive to the Jersey Shore for events.  We are thrilled that dancers all over the US are interested in applying for the Ambassador program, but unfortunately our circumstances do not allow us to offer this program at different destinations.  If you are interested in working with us, we would love to discuss options of locations/ opportunities.

How many ambassadors are you accepting?

This 2022 season we are looking for a total of 10 dancers and 3 gymnasts on our ambassador team.  This past season, our team consisted of 30 which is a large number.  We want a smaller group that we can focus on building a great portfolio with, and help each ambassador specifically as they represent our brand. Ideally, we will strongly consider those we have worked with on a shoot, but will not rule out a great candidate we have yet to meet.

What if my social media accounts are private?

We understand your concern with keeping your accounts safe.  As long as you follow us (@ARP_Dance_Images) and we follow you, there is no problem.  While the goal is to show the world your amazing dance images, we trust that you will be active in making it known to fellow dancers where your images were created. Bonus points if you are already showing your friends images we have created together!

If you have other questions that we have not answered here, please feel free to use the contact form on the home page to ask us!   We will be glad to answer your questions and concerns, as well as give more details about the program. The contact form is NOT AN APPLICATION to the program, please use the button at the top of the page!

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