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2023 Dance Ambassdors

A fun and unique experience representing the best experience for Action Dance Images at the Jersey Shore!


With 12 years of part time photography
behind us...

...we are ready to use our studio to the fullest extent!  We have the gear, we have the knowledge, we have the experience, now it is time to


Bring your ideas, bring your creative flow, bring your talent and beauty to life!!

02 - Paige-251.jpg
Alaina Studio-149.jpg

Expanding our photography into neighboring states and looking for your help!

We would love to create a group of dancers to challenge us in our photography, think outside the box, and be a leader in trends when it comes to social media posts and dance imagery.

In This Year of 2023 We Will:


I'd like to be considered for the first model ambassador class!

Avilabilty Oct-Dec? (select all that apply)

Thanks for submitting!

Model Applicaton
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