Studio Updates and Specials

Check this page for updates on the Studio, what we are offering for specials, what and when to release info to your friends, and the best ways to get them interested in a session.

Jersey Shore Photo Studio

We are opening a generic branded studio under a different name from our own business.  This is strategic as we would like to rent this studio out to other creators to use.  Having a space with a specific name creates a conflict of branding with those using the space. As Jersey Shore Photo Studios it is "local" and "generic".  Of course it is listed as  DBA (doing business as JSPS for ARPhotography LLC).  When you walk in, it should feel like your coastal themed home. You will see samples and decorations that make you feel welcomed. There will be plenty of visuals as well as ambiance to the room. This front "lounge" will be a consultation room for myself, as well as others, to talk with clients, and ultimately let them view their images while being able to see and touch the samples of what we offer. So when your friends ask, "What is JSPS? or Why is it called Jersey Shore Photo Studios I thought you worked with Adam?".  You will be able to explain that JSPS is the home of ARP - Dance Images as well as his Headshots and Modeling program.

The Studio section of the space will be separated by a dividing wall. When you walk in you will see the large stage and the cyc wall. In the back is storage cabinets, bathrooms, and a hair & make-up station. There is also a place to hang all your outfits and spread out your accessories. The back wall facing the set will be a large TV that you can view your images from the set and not have to run back and forth to the computer to critique. Also, a nice sound system will available by bluetooth connection and wifi will be available for all guests. 

Soft Opening

We are aiming to have all construction and renovations done by May 1st (actually we plan to be in CT for sessions that weekend). Monday May 3rd will be our soft opening. We plan to be in the studio setting things up and getting everything perfect. We may be hosting some headshot sessions this week and will def be available for location shoots all week. Just because we are in the process of setting up, doesn't mean we can slow down on sessions. however, we do understand the urge to wait and book a session in the completed space.

Grand Opening

Saturday May 15th at 12 Noon, we plan to open the studio officially. If you would like to attend, feel free, but with Covid concerns we understand avoiding a crowd.  For this reason we will have an "Open House Week".  Every day from May 15th to May 23rd we will be open from 12 noon to 8pm.  Walk ins are encourage to see the space. This is when you want to invite everyone you know to visit us.

Walk In Welcome

When you or your friends arrive, we will guide them through a tour of the studio and talk all about what we have to offer. This will be when we start to tell everyone about our summer offerings. For those who book a session and pay the deposit, they will receive a 15% discount. Anyone who pays the session in full will receive a 20% discount.

Special Giveaways

For those who visit the site we are planning to have 2 types of giveaways. One may be an instant win type thing where they draw a card from the pile and win things like a t-shirt, water bottle, discount, product credit, things like that.  The second will be an entry into a full session giveaway with $100 product credit included. This will be a $500 value item.  For ambassadors we will be giving away one colored powder, or rain shoot during the summer. The drawing for the grand prize will be at 8:30pm eastern on IG Live Sunday May 23rd.

Types of Sessions

We will be offering a ton of sessions. Its a little overwhelming actually. So I will list them here.

  • Location Shoot - (3h) can be anywhere, beach, park, creek, urban

  • Sunrise/Sunset - (3h) Beach or bayfront on the water. Can be dance or non-dance session

  • Color powder/ rain - (1h) At Studio outdoors, in the evening 8:30 & 9:30 pm start times.

  • Studio Sessions - (3h) What most of you have experienced, colored backdrops.

  • Headshots - (1h) in studio, Amazing as you have all seen.

  • Branding - (2h to 4h) In studio or on location for those dancers who need outfits/brand images

  • Destination - (3h) Newport RI July 22-27th

How to Prepare

As we approach this exciting time, you should be asking everyone you know in the dance world to follow us, and make sure that they schedule time to stop into the studio.  Send messages, use our @ARP_Dance_Images so they can easily link back to follow. Mention our giveaways, mention your experience, let them know how awesome it was before the studio and how this will make the experience that much better. Also, let them know you mention you so that you get credit for anything they purchase.