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Studio Session Page Info

What is a Studio Shoot?

Our Studio shoots are 3h long sessions where we focus all of our combined creative energies on capturing your best technical work and producing stunning displays of your artistry.

Why such a long session?

As any athlete will tell you, it takes time to warm up, and it takes practice to get things just right.  We work with dancers in repetition of a move or pose to make sure that all is technically sound before capturing the moment. In a 3 hour session, our goal is 10 final images depending on difficulty of the move/pose and the level of dancer that we are creating with. (It also takes time to get the dramatic lighting set between poses, and outfit changes).

What do we get with the session fee?

At the Session:

The session fee includes a few things that many dancers/parents sometimes do not fully realize go into a creative art like photography.  Yes, the fee pays for the time we are on set, it may also pay for the rental of the space we are creating in. We only shoot in spaces that are high enough to safely have your dancer jump, and large enough to adequately have your dancer move about the set without lights and stands making it dangerous.  While on set we offer bottled water to the dancers, and if requested, a refreshment for the parent.



There is no limit to outfits, but please keep in mind that changing does take time away from creativity on set. We ask that there is a 5 outfit limit if possible which allows for 2 images of each. As the session occurs, we tether the camera to the computer for instant feedback to the dancer for positive correction and deciding which images both dancer and parent love.

After the shoot:

When the session completes, we take our time to edit fully each of the images picked out during the session.  This means a first general edit in one program, and then a careful and time intensive full edit in Photoshop.


When do we get to see them?:

About two weeks after the session, we invite the parent and dancer to a reveal session of their images.  This is where you get to see the final artistic creations the dancer made on a large High Definition television. At this reveal session, we will discuss how to best display your images and walk you through the process of choosing from our various packages.  There is no minimum purchase, and each of the sessions does include a product credit, so every dancer can take home their favorite image. 

Do we get the digital files?

Unfortunately, we can not include "all the digitals" with our sessions.  When you see the amount of hard work that goes into creating each specific captured moment, you will understand. However, any product that you select an image to print on, you will receive the file we send to the professional printing lab as part of the purchase.  There is an a la carte option to purchase individual files, but you will find greater value in bringing home your most loved images on a printed product with the digital. 

What are your prices?

For the 2021 Season we are asking $399 (+tax) for our 3h sessions.  Parents of multiple children please ask us about a "sibling add on option".  The product packages that we offer are tied to vendor specials that change depending on the time of year.  When your session is complete, and you are waiting for the final images, we will send a pricing sheet with the current available packages.  The average for the packages is around $500 which could equal up to $850 in product value.  We do remind you that there is no minimum order and that you will have product credit. The amount of product credit could vary with an occasional promotion that we run throughout the year.

What if we can't afford a session?

During the year, we try to hold what most people call "mini-sessions" and will start at $199 for the 2021 season.  These are 30-45 min sessions where we work with your dancer and will capture about 5-10 images.  These images don't allow us the time for pose/move preparation with the dancer that we strive for in a full session, and often these sessions will be on location which changes the look of the lighting. However, you will still receive the same great experience and service from us. These sessions will also include product credit, and depending on distance you travel, may have an online option for revealing your gallery of final images. 

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